No more wires…go Wireless!

Our Enterprise Wi-Fi Solutions delivers an incomparable user experience over any connection. Now, you can benefit from the right-size connections for your offices, while gaining operational simplicity with lower costs, our Wi-Fi solutions can allow your employees to move across different rooms or even buildings without getting disconnected.
No More Wires...Go Wireless

Exceptional Speed:

our advanced wireless technologies can deliver speeds up to 1 GBPS using the advanced AC feature embedded in our new devices.

Wi-Fi Speed
Fig: Wi-Fi Exceptional Speed
Rapid Deployment:

install new access points within minutes with auto configuration feature, deploy thousands of APs in no time!

Rapid Deployment
Fig: Rapid Deployment

Deploy a wireless network that is immune to security threats, use advanced encryption technology to make sure no intruder can sniff into your data.

Fig: Security

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