Complete CCTV Solutions tailored for your business!

we help you monitor your workplace, home, factory, office, garden from anywhere in the world, as a trustworthy and experienced CCTV Installation Service Provider in Dubai, inteslar is dedicated to providing advanced CCTV security surveillance solutions to industries and residence across the region. our solutions are tailor-made to meet your requirements and if you are in search for a right solution provider who deliver impeccable system, look no further than inteslar. Peace of mind is assured with the right kind of products and budget. Think no more, give us a call to know more.

iOS, Android, and Mac Compatible Systems:

Our CCTV systems include remote viewing apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android(for mobiles and tabs). They also include desktop software for Mac and Windows(Desktop PC). Login to your security system from any device to watch your cameras live and playback recorded video.

iOS, Android and Mac Compatible Systems
Fig: iOS, Android and Mac Compatible Systems
Night Vision:

Night and Low-light vision comes standard with all our Cameras. You can now monitor dark areas without needing to turn the lights on.

Night Vision CCTV
Fig: Night Vision CCTV
Motion Detection:

Automatically capture images when a moving object is detected.

Motion Detection
Fig: Motion Detection

For all kinds of CCTV Systems please feel free to contact us.