HR and Payroll Software and Reporting and Analytics

In today’s fast pace world, it has become very important for the organization to make right decisions at right time to win the race. After all, right decisions are basis of success of a company. Organizations use different reporting and analytics tools to analyse performance, that helps them to decide what is right.

Reporting is defined as organizing data into useful information to monitor how different areas of an organization are performing.

Exploring data and reports to get insights which help to better understand and improve performance of organization is called Analytics.

Following are the key benefits of effective reporting and analytics out of many others.

  1. Better Communication
    An effective reporting system within an organization, can help in a way that information move upward or downward in timely manner. Nothing could be as effective as an automated reporting system, that helps to send and receive reports in email daily, weekly or monthly.
  2. Increased Productivity
    In this fast moving and changing business environment, organizations should be able to respond to changes and requirements on time. An effective reporting helps organizations to fulfil rapidly changing requirements and needs on time and thus increases productivity.
  3. Timeliness
    After collecting data, most important thing is the way to display data in front of decision makers. Here where it comes graphical representation of the data, that helps viewers to understand whole story quickly.

By realizing the importance of analytics and reporting for businesses, Inteslar’s HR and Payroll Software (HR master) is loaded with fully automated reporting and analytics system. HR master displays data in grids and allow user to sort and search data using user friendly controls. It also has graphical representation of the useful information that enables user to analyse and understand easily and quickly.

HR master providing reporting and analytics for all HR modules including payroll.

When it comes to price, HR master is the lowest price HR Software, while having more functionality and offering more privileges and rights. It fits into needs of all companies in UAE, whether they are small or big. What could be as good, as to have this best software at best price?

Are Employee Loans a Good Idea?

It is very often that employees ask the employer for loan while having some emergencies or financial issues. It is seemed that it is good to get loan from employer instead of banks, as banks may have hard terms and conditions. In most of the cases employers have favorable terms and conditions for payback. Loans can have good and bad effects on both employees and employers.

Loans Can Make Employees More Loyal

After getting loan employees loyalty is more likely to increase as they may think that they got help from the employer at the time of need and difficulty. This may also help with job satisfaction.

Loans Can Help Employees To Focus on Work

Loan may help employee to focus on their work. If an employee has to pay rent for his apartment, utility bills, medical bills for his family or there are other financial issues then he may not be able to focus on work. After all his financial issues are resolved he could be more motivated and productive.

Loans Could Be Cause of Stress

Loan may have bad effect on employees as well. It has been observed that sometimes paying back the loan could be a cause of stress for employees and employers, and it could be resulted in lack of concentration and employees may not focus on work.
it is always recommended to analyse employee’s financial situation, set terms and conditions and consider all applicable laws before lending any kind of loan to avoid problems in future.
Inteslar’s HR and Payroll Software i.e. “HR master” takes care of the employee’s loans while processing the payroll. It enables to setup a loan for employees along with number of installments and amount for each installment to payback. Payroll Software has been designed in such a way that if an employee wants to pay loan installment in cash then it will allow user to exclude loan installment from payroll. Loan installment will be deducted from salary only if employee wants, otherwise employee can pay cash and get whole salary.

Payroll and Human Resource software to make you more productive

Although we reached to the 21st century, some companies continue to process their employee’s payrolls via basic spread sheets, with many branches to serve and employees serving partially in different branches, not to mention many allowances and over time policies, it becomes increasingly more complicated to process a payroll without committing severe mistakes.

why spend days or even weeks to process a payroll when you can do it in few clicks?

An effective payroll solution would allow you to establish company structure in a way that one company might contain multiple business units (branches), it would also allow you to define allowances and assign them to employees working across different business units, not only that but also define over time and deduction rules in a flexible and simple way.

what could be more productive than using a system that combines payroll and human resources?

A comprehensive system that makes the employee and all related information at the center of it, why maintain two systems when you could use only one?

An advanced human resource (HR) system would allow you to:

  • store all employee information, documents, skills, certifications and more.
  • contains a talent accusation module to organize all openings, hiring’s, candidates, interviews and more.
  • a service request module that allows an employee to place a service request, be it a salary certificate, an insurance reimbursement or a special request for anything, service requests could be grouped under different categories, when the requestor submits a request, his/ her line manager would receive a notification of the request, approve or disapprove it and when completed the employee will receive another notification.
  • leave management module whereas any employee can login to the portal and apply for leave at any time even from outside the organization, leaves get approved / disapproved and notifications are triggered accordingly, not to forget that holidays can be configured to count against employee’s balance if needed.
  • full reporting and business intelligence feature, this allows HR and accounts to have a comprehensive view of everything related to the employee benefits, allowances, salaries, deductions…etc.
  • performance evaluation for all employees in the organization, what is more important than appraising employees and rewarding their good performance, you wouldn’t want to do that on an excel sheet, the best way is to use a system that will allow you to record and browse previous evaluations that you have done previously, a good appraisal would not only allow a line manager to evaluate his direct reports but vice versa, this information is all shared and reviewed across different layers in the organization.

after all the quality of any system is determined by the positive feedback it might receive from end users who are eventually the direct customers of that system, therefore making it user friendly, easy to remember and navigate is essential in user adoption, it’s important to note though that it’s very difficult to design a HR and Payroll system that fits all markets, there must be a need to customize the product in a way that fits customer’s local requirements.

We understand your needs

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We provide best HR and Payroll Software that is “HR master”. it is in fact a complete solution for an old age problem. Currently payroll module is compatible with Wage Protection System (WPS) of UAE but it could be customized.

Being a leading IT Solutions Provider we know that being an international hub of corporate & financial world, Dubai and UAE have offices from different nationalities. We work according to the hardware and software demands of the equipment installed in all such offices and provide a very handy Localized support..

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